What is the Dark Web?

Where did the Dark Web come from?

The dark web operates on the principle of 'onion routing', where anonymity on the web is achieved by rerouting a user's internet activity through a number of different, dispersed IP addresses in order to disguise which computer the traffic originally came from. Funnily enough, this concept was first developed by the US Navy, as a means of protecting US intelligence online.

How do you access the Dark Web?

Tor is by far the most popular and simplest way to access the dark web, although this is possible through other secure browsers such as Freenet and the Invisible Internet Project. Tor is a proxy routing system based on relaying traffic from one computer through a number of different IP addresses in order to disguise which computer the activity originated from. This makes it extremely difficult (but not impossible) to see who is looking at what from any one point in the network.


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How do Hackers use the Dark Web?

The same study from King's College London found that over half of the 5,205 "live" sites on Tor were serving illegal ends.

Despite its lofty privacy ideals, Tor been accused of making it possible to hide criminal activity from the police. Defenders of Tor point out that bad things have always been a part of the internet and many of its uses are perfectly legitimate in an age of massive state surveillance. But there are reams of other illegal activity including trading in malware, stolen credit card numbers, hacked account information like logins, or the ability to hire hackers to target certain computers for you.

Here’s How Much Your Personal Information Is Selling for on the Dark Web

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