Does Your Business Need a Firewall?

Everyone who accesses the internet needs a firewall of some kind. Without one, your computer will allow access to anyone asking and open up your data to hackers more easily.

But businesses, especially those with multiple users or those that keep sensitive data, typically need firewalls that are more robust, more customisable, and offer better reporting than these consumer-grade alternatives.

Even a relatively small business engages in exponentially more interactions than an individual, with multiple users and workstations, and customers and suppliers. These days most of those interactions are online and is at risk.

Not only are businesses exposed to riskier online interactions, the potential damage from each interaction is also greater. Businesses frequently keep everything from competitive bids and marketing plans to sensitive banking and customer data on their computers. Unprotected, the exposure is enormous.

Firewalls also allow computers outside of your network to securely connect to the servers that are inside your network. This is critical for employees who work remotely.

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