Best Antivirus for Mac

Looking for the Best Antivirus for Mac?

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If you've got a Mac and are wondering whether you need an antivirus (AV), or which Mac antivirus you should choose, you've come to the right place. Here, we reveal the best antivirus for macOS in 2018.

Last year, huge organisations including the NHS were hit with the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks, highlighting the seriousness of computer security. The good news is that if you take steps to keep your machine patched and up-to-date and install a good security software product you have nothing to worry about.

One of the best ways to protect your business from malware is to detect risky content to avoid being infected, and you can help do that by using anti-virus software and practicing safe behavior online.

Do Macs need antivirus?

Plenty of Mac aficionados will tell you that Apple computers are inherently secure and don't require protection. We'd argue that they are wrong - or a bit overconfident, at least.

Macs are generally more secure than their Windows brethren for two reasons. On the technical side, macOS is a Unix-based operating system. As a Unix-based operating system macOS is sandboxed.

It's like having a series of fire doors: even if malware gains access to your Mac, it is unable to spread to the heart of the machine. Macs are not unhackable, but they are more difficult to exploit than Windows PCs.

The second reason is that, right now, there are far fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs. Fewer targets, and these are harder to hack. Is it any wonder that cybercriminals focus on the Windows world?

What Antivirus is Available for Mac?

See Below:

  1. BitDefender
  2. Symantec
  3. McAfee
  4. Kaspersky
  5. Webroot
  6. Trend Micro
  7. Sophos

Above are the Antivirus solutions that we know and trust at Macquart IT! If you are looking for a more in-depth review of some Antivirus solutions, check out the Best antivirus for Mac 2018 reviews .

I suggest looking further into your needs, and going a step further and taking on a Managed Service Provider who can make the tough decisions for you. Ask if your Managed Service Provider has a Security Management offering, this will generally include an Antivirus Solution of which can be managed remotely and proactively to give your business the best success against Malware, Ransomware & More!

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