Does Your Business Need Back-Ups?

Data or access to data stored on computers, phones or tablets can be lost - often without any warning. Hardware failure, theft, or malware infection (such as the cryptolocker ransomware attack) can make recovering data that is critical to your business expensive or impossible. To avoid this, you need to back-up your data.

While maintaining one back-up provides protection against sudden incidents, such as the theft or failure of a computer, greater protection can be gained by having multiple back-ups covering different periods, for example one week ago, one month ago and six months ago.

The limitation of only having one back-up is that sometimes data loss can happen slowly in the background and may not be noticed until too late. Some types of ransomware and hardware faults can cause this, and sometimes users inadvertently delete important files without realising. The loss of an important file may not be noticed for a while, by which time the most recently backed-up copy will have been overwritten and lost.

While keeping multiple back-ups can require more management, time and capacity, they allow you to 'go back in time' much further to retrieve important files.

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